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Wijati Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1983 and we specialise in the sales, installation, servicing, maintenance and rental of Fire, Safety and Enviromental Equipment. We carry a wide range of Personal Protection Equipment, Gas Monitoring Systems, Fire & Safety Equipment and Fall Arrest Equipment.

Safer Wireless System

SAFER Systems is the global technology leader in chemical emergency management solutions, offering advanced plume measurement and monitoring solutions that integrate real-time weather and sensor data. The company’s state-of-the-art solutions incorporate patented technologies and are designed to detect and accurately predict in real-time the dispersion of accidental or intentional releases of toxic chemicals. Our products provide the fastest, most accurate situation analysis enabling better command and control decision-making during a chemical event and greater post-event analysis. To summarize, in a chemical emergency SAFER Systems puts you where you need to be...in control. Read more about it here


Latest News

16 April 2010 - We like to introduce the Multi Gas Detector. This detector adds a plug & play PID (Photo Ionization Detector) to the standard four-sensor configuration of a confined space monitor (O2, %LEL, CO and H2S). The PID’s ability to provide accurate (parts-per-million) broadband detection of a host of common, highly toxic and flammable compounds makes it a necessity in today’s modern industrial environment.          

Find out more about the Multi Gas Detector here.
PlumeRAE Wireless Gas Detection System
 Model : PSE-3300
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