Spill Response


Develop a Contingency Plan

OSHA requires facilities to keep enough spill control products on hand to contain and clean the largest spill possible. Spilfyter® Kits provide a quick-response to spills in almost any environment.

Identify the Spill

Spilfyter® Classifier Kits and Strips aid in identifying unknown spills.

Contain the Spill

Use Spilfyter® Socks or Spill Berms to contain spills on solid surfaces; use Booms or Sweeps to surround and absorb spills on water.

Stop the Spill at its Source

Use Gapseal® to temporary stop leaks from tanks or drums; use Draingaurd® Mats or Spill Berms to prevent liquids from escaping down drains or sewers.

Minimize the Risk

Use KOLOR-LOCK® Acid and Base Neutralizers , and Vapor Suppressors to stabilize the spill before absorption and disposal.

Pick up the Spill

Use Spilfyter’s complete assortment of Sorbents: Oil-Only, Universal, Cellulose-Based, Hazmat and Static Resistant to absorb the spill.


NPS offers a variety of Neutralizers, Solidifiers and Decontamination Solutions.

For OHSA Standardsclick here.